Equipping our students and children with the social and emotional tools to successfully thrive in the 21st century.

Being a kid today can be tough!

Some of the major challenge’s students, teachers and parents are facing today include:

  • Navigating emotions and anxiety
  • Responsible social media usage
  • Self and other leadership
  • Showing empathy and compassion
  • Self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision making
  • Social awareness and relationship skills
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The “Happy Schools” approach

With a student-centric approach, Happy Schools was able to experience and understand first-hand these struggles facing our students, teachers, and parents. 

Using dynamic pedagogy and customised curriculum, we have developed an engaging model to resolve these problems. We provide schools with the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and character development tools to educate the Whole Child with the aim of creating a future generation of “Thrivers”. 

Our Services

We offer workshops, teacher and parent learning, curriculum, and bespoke emotional intelligence solutions to meet your school’s specific needs. 

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Who we are

With nearly a decade experience in formal and informal education, a background in psychology and business, leadership, and counselling experience with Lifeline JHB, as well as having studied Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) through Pennsylvania University (#1 education school in the world), we believe we have the tools to help your schools thrive!  

We also work with top educational consultants, psychologists, and behavioural economics experts to ensure we get the desired results we are looking for. 

Some of our testimonials

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